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Noel W Anderson: Heavy is the Crown considers Black experience and its legacies between the temporal brackets of two “kings”–1963 when Martin Luther King Jr. presented his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech and 1992, the brutal beating of Rodney King and his subsequent plea “Can we all just get along…?” The printed works, tapestries, and paperworks on view in the exhibition utilize found imagery from various media and archives that are reprocessed by Anderson through assorted means of distortion and manipulation to collectively expose the haunting relationship of black masculine (mis)representation to structures of power.

About the Artist:

Noel W Anderson (American, B. 1981) received an MFA from Indiana University in Printmaking and an MFA from Yale University in Sculpture. He is also Area Head of Printmaking in NYU’s Steinhardt Department of Art and Art Professions. In 2018, Noel was awarded the NYFA artist fellowship grant and the prestigious Jerome Prize. His solo exhibition Blak Origin Moment debuted at the Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati) in February 2017 and travelled to the Hunter Museum of American Art in October 2019. His first monograph, Blak Origin Moment, was also recently published.

Noel W Anderson: Heavy is the Crown is part of Telfair Museums’ Legacy of Slavery in Savannah Initiative, a multiyear project which engages local Savannahians, artist, scholars, and activists to consider how the legacies of slavery still manifest in our city. This exhibition is organized by Telfair Museums and curated by Erin Dunn, associate curator of modern and contemporary art.


Annual exhibition support provided by Director’s Circle Council Members:


Bob Faircloth
Curtis and Elizabeth Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Critz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Critz, Sr.
Alice and Bob Jepson
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Kleisner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Angus C. Littlejohn
Wilson and Linda Fisk Morris
Dave and Sylvaine Neises
Thomas V. and Susan G. Reilly
Cathy and Philip Solomons
Pamela L. and Peter S. Voss
Don and Cindy Waters
Ms. Susan Willetts and Mr. Alan K. Pritz

Dr. Victor L. Andrews
Malcolm and Julia Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Coker, Jr.
Jan and Lawrence Dorman
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Moore
Mr. Dav
id A. Rea and Ms. Noelle J. Gauthier
Carl and Barbara Sassano
Jacqueline and Ken Sirlin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Smith
Marti and Austin Sullivan

Gloria and Durwood Almkuist
Leda Chong and Kevin Dewalt
Lindsay and Brent Harlander
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Haynes III
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hinnant
Mr. and MRs. Doug Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Kaminsky
Kelley and Josh Keller
Mrs. Robert O. Levitt
Linda and Tom McWhorter
Mr. and Mrs. J. Herbert Ogden, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Paddison
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rabinowitz
Ms. Swann Seiler
Randall and Valerie Stolt


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Noel W Anderson Lecture

October 14, 2021 at 6pm7pm Jepson Center
Join artist Noel W Anderson for a lecture about his work on view at the Jepson Center.

Noel W Anderson Lecture

October 14, 2021 at 6pm7pm Jepson Center
Join artist Noel W Anderson for a lecture about his work on view at the Jepson Center.
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