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The Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters will be closed February 3-8, 2020 for annual maintenance.

Telfair Museums offers fun and engaging art-based summer camps for children of all ages. Summer camp (K–12) focuses include photography, art with the pros (featuring a different local artist each day), crafting, portfolio builders, STEAM, and videogame design. Each camp culminates with a reception and exhibition in the Morrison Community Gallery.

Drawing Portfolio Builder Camp

10–12yrs: May 25–May 29, 9am–3pm

12–14yrs: June 29–5, July3 9am–3pm

Members $175 / non-members $195

This four-day camp is designed to help upper-elementary and middle school students improve their drawing skills and begin the process of developing a portfolio. Students will focus on measurement, proportion, perspective, and use of value to create volume and space. The camp will also include practice portraiture and sketching from clothed models. The Drawing Portfolio Builder Camp is a great class for students to learn and advance the skills necessary for developing art portfolios.

Master Artist Photography Camp

10–12yrs: June 1–5, 9am–3pm

13–16yrs: June 8–12, 9am–3pm

Members $200 / non-members $235

This intensive, weeklong program focuses on black-and-white and digital photography, as well as the basic functions of 35mm manual cameras. While instructors emphasize the advancements of digital media and Adobe Photoshop, they will also cover conventional methods of film photography, including pinhole cameras, to supplement the experience. The camp features student use of both manual and digital cameras and study of photography in Telfair exhibitions. The program will culminate with a reception and exhibition of the participants’ work in the Jepson Center.

Summer Art Club Half-Day Camp

12–16 yrs: June 1–5, 9am–1pm

12–16 yrs: June 8–12, 9am–1pm

12–16 yrs: July 6–10, 9am–1pm

12–16 yrs: July 13–17, 9am–1pm

Members $150 / non-members $175


Make your art your way while looking at the Telfair Museums exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Savannah Art Club. With only 10 students and two teachers, this camp will help students execute a single 2-D project from idea to completion. Focusing on drawing and painting, this camp will provide time, materials, and one-on-one professional assistance in the execution of a young artist’s personal vision. The idea is theirs whether it’s a large-scale abstract painting, comic book, or drawing from a photograph—it’s up to your young artist. We will provide the right materials and expertise in execution.

Raising STEAM: Technology, Art, and Electronics

10–12yrs: June 15–19, 9am–3pm

Members $200 / non-members $235

This comprehensive STEAM camp gives young people the opportunity to explore the artistic potential of technology. In this weeklong camp, students will learn to use a variety of technologies and methods to create and express themselves. Students will explore 3D printing, create images with Adobe Photoshop, and solder their own electronic-noise toys. Participants will also learn basic computer programming with Arduino microcontrollers. The program culminates with a reception and exhibition of the participants’ work in the Jepson Center.

Art with the Pros

6–10yrs: June 22–26, 9am–3pm

Members $175 / non-members $195

Each day, this camp will feature a different local artist providing a unique lesson based on his or her medium. Lunch in Telfair Square (weather permitting), breaks and games in ArtZeum, and special tours of the galleries are all included. Students will learn to give constructive criticism on their own and their peers’ artwork. The program culminates with a student art exhibition and a reception in the Jepson Center.

Videogame Development

12–14yrs: July 6–10, 9am–3pm

14–18yrs: July 13–17, 9am–3pm

Members $175 / non-member $195

Full STEAM ahead! In this weeklong camp, students will build their own videogames. Students will explore, play, and learn computer programming from scratch using game-making programs. The summer camp culminates with a reception and exhibition of the participants’ games in the Jepson Center’s Morrison Community Gallery.

Crafters Camp

8–11yrs: July 20–24, 9am–3pm

Members $175 / non-members $195

The Ultimate Crafty Kids Camp is packed with a variety of projects: screen printing, knitting, friendship bracelets, calligraphy, paper crafts, and much more. In this weeklong camp, students will explore and learn techniques in a rich variety of crafts that will inspire and develop their desire to be independent makers.

Museum Explorations Pre-K Camp

4–6yrs: July 27–July 31, 9am–noon

Members $100 / non-members $125

Stave off the summer doldrums! Exploring Telfair Museums’ three sites and exhibitions has never been so much fun. Each day, participants will tour a new exhibit and learn to create the very same types of art seen in the galleries, finding inspiration with instruction in drawing, painting, and printmaking. Students will immerse themselves in innovative arts lessons taught by professional artists.

Videogame Design with Scratch

9–12yrs: July 27–July 31, 9am–noon

Members $100 / non-members $125

This summer camp teaches beginning students how to create their own videogames using Scratch, a colorful programming environment that makes it easy to bring interactive stories to life. In class, students collaborate on developing a game from beginning to final polish—a fun and informative way to introduce younger students to the art of videogame development.

Summer Family Activities Drop-in Studio (New Format)

Daily | 1–4pm
Jepson Center
FREE with museum admission
This summer the Telfair museums wants to help provide engaging activities for the entire family. Making every afternoon a family day at the museum.  Unleash your creativity or find new ways to engage with the Artwork on view in our galleries. The Summer Drop-in studio includes a smorgasbord of lively gallery games, dramatic and imaginative exercises, a variety of art materials, and unique art projects.  With three activity stations spread throughout the museum and gallery activities, we have a large menu of ways to engage.

Perfect for all ages. Children must be accompanied by an adult caregiver.

What to Do As a Family

  • Look for great works of art unique self-guided tours
  • Imagine and create with others at our activity stations
  • Embark on a scavenger hunt
  • Explore art throughout the Museum galleries through hands-on activities, puzzles, and Join the Conversation stations.
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