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On October 16, current café operations will cease as we initiate plans for the future of Telfair Museums’ visitor experience. We appreciate your continued support and apologize for any inconvenience during this time.
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Current Issue:

September – December 2022



Upcoming Events

The Art & Legacy of Phillip J. Hampton Opening Lecture

October 6 at 6pm8pm Jepson Center
Telfair presents a lecture by Erin Dunn and Dr. Peggy Blood exploring the art of Phillip J. Hampton.

Elegies Contemplative Viewing Experience with Ericka Phillips

October 13 at 6pm8pm Jepson Center
Engage with Telfair’s newest exhibitions in a nontraditional way with meditation guide, Ericka Tiffany Phillips.

Telfair Contemporaries Apartment Tour & Exhibition Preview

October 18 at 6pm8pm The DeSoto
TC members are invited to a curator-led tour of the apartment of the late Arnold and Lorlee Tenenbaum in anticipation of an upcoming exhibition honoring their lives and legacies through a presentation of their incredible art collection.

Art Start: Stroller & Toddler Tours

October 20 at 10:30am11:30am Jepson Center
Start your day with art with our new and combined programs! Once a month, our youngest patrons are invited to the Jepson Center for story time, a special tour, and an art activity. Strollers, crying babies, toddlers, and older siblings are all welcome here.
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