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Please be advised that Telfair Museums recognizes the Savannah Safe Pledge and the reinstatement of the Savannah/Chatham County mask mandate. Masks are required for visitors and staff at all three of our museum sites.

Joe's at the Jepson Cafe will stop serving food today, July 28th at 2pm for a scheduled event.

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May – August 2021


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‘Sugar’ Opening Lecture

July 29 at 6pm7:30pm Jepson Center

Exploring Science in Art Free Family Day

August 21
Local residents are invited to enjoy the exhibitions 'Never Spoken Again' at the Jepson Center and 'Progressive Regression' at the Telfair Academy. Family activities connecting science to art will be offered outdoors at the museums’ entrances, weather permitting, along with take-home art activities for children.
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