William Jay Society’s Masquerade in the Mansion

by William Jay Society President Cyreia Sandlin

It’s hard to believe we are only days away from the annual William Jay Society Masquerade in the Mansion! I first attended this amazing event three years ago, and I knew right then and there I had to be part of this organization. The masquerade is an event unlike any other in Savannah.

The transformation at the academy is remarkable. We spend months planning and organizing to create an enchanted evening. From décor to the menu, as a board, we are involved in every step of planning from beginning to end. We each bring a unique perspective to the process which really allows us to get creative. Everyone has contributed ideas that will make this year’s masquerade bigger and better than ever. The year’s theme is carnival, and we have some tricks up our sleeves you don’t want to miss!


The best part of the Masquerade, for me, is meeting new people. I love seeing guests of all ages, backgrounds, and professions walk through the Academy doors to enjoy a night of dancing and magic. There are so many galas every weekend in Savannah, but I can honestly say ours has one of the most diverse crowds. If you don’t have a friend there, I promise you’ll make one!

We couldn’t do it all without our incredible sponsors who make this all possible. I have been absolutely blown away by the generosity of this community. A huge thank you from all of the board to Delta Air Lines, CBC Warehouse LLC, HunterMaclean, USI and South Magazine.


The best part of this whole event is what we do with the money raised. We are proud to use a portion of the proceeds to make sure every fourth grader in Chatham County has the opportunity to visit the Telfair for free. Numerous studies show that exposing children to the arts at an early age leads to a variety of academic and social benefits. We hope to play a role in that!

As president of the William Jay Society, I can honestly say this is the event I look forward to more than anything else each year. I hope to see you there!