What Can You Make?

We are inherent makers. It is perhaps the most significant aspect of being human. At the Telfair Museums we work to provide you with the opportunity to celebrate creativity and freely explore the joy of making.

The humanist movement in the Renaissance made the individual the center of the universe, and for all that greatness there is an increase danger in failure. Scholastic education deepens this fear, by defining accumulated mistakes as a progression toward failure. This fear often stops our creative adventures before they start.

On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays between 10-2pm, we are opening the Melaver studio for creative play. There is no right or wrong, just a simple question,” what can we make?”   You don’t have to be an artist; you just have to enjoy the challenge to make something.

In Greek culture the word for genius was something that existed outside of oneself; in fact, everything and each location had a genius. So in way you had to discover the genius of a place or thing. We can’t guarantee the studio’s genius will always be present, but it usually shows up once you start having some fun.

In our “wcwm?” (what can we make?) project, we provide a creative thinking challenge that encourages kids and adults to return to a kind of creative play, and idea of making simply for the sake of making. Participants are given a container of random up-cycled materials and challenge to make something or, as I like to call it, a Nothing-Something from only the provided materials.

If you like the idea of making simply because we can, then you can add to your tool belt and improve your skill set with some of our DIY  suggested tour and projects for kids and adults.

We have added basic recommended lesson plans with links to the information you’ll   need to do it yourself, your way and on your schedule. We have included talking points and project instruction with examples. We are giving you all the basics so that you can lead your child through an exhibit with our suggested conversation topics and make your own project based off the materials we have available for you in our open Studio. Studio is open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10-2pm .

You can find the lessons at or right here on the Ed Departments Blog “From220B”

Kip Bradley

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