Two Camps At Once

This summer we had an unprecedented interest and enrollment in two of the Museums summer camps: The Art with the Pro’s camp and the wcwm?/ What Can We Make Tinker Hacker camp.

These two innovative camps explore traditional art practices from a contemporary perspective incorporating DIY trends, technology, and local arts. The “what can we make? Tinker hacker camp”, is exploring creative tinkering, like Howard Finster. Students are hacking their way through a variety of motorized objects such as Free Gliders, robots, and Clocks.

The Art with the Pros camp focuses on 5 local artists such as Matt Hebermehl (painting), Carl Fougerousse (Drawing), Andrew Scott (sculpture), and lane Shorkey (Screen Printing.) These artists are inspiring students by introducing them to their practices and personal stories while assisting campers in production of work like their own.

These camps are themselves coordinated by truly wonderful artists Jamie Bowerman and Atsuko Smith. Under the guidance of the great teachers and cool projects it is amazing to see the inspiration and the idea that grow from hands on learning. Each new concept and artistic endeavor the kids are exposed to opens a wider recognition of the creative potential.

A reception will be held for the Creators and Parents Friday, August 3 at 3:30 pm. The work will be on view in the Lane Morrison Community gallery  until  Wednesday, August 8.