Of Toys and Tools

Jepson Café December 18, 2015 - May 8, 2016


“It is often an accurate portrait of a person, to take inventory of what they carry on their journey, and here I share with you what has traveled thus far on mine.” –Marta M. McWhorter

OTAT_350_paintingOf Toys and Tools takes an in-depth look at the toys that define a child’s unstructured play in order to juxtapose them with the tools used by an artist to explore, create and construct art. These works invite the viewer to consider the line between work and play, and how unstructured time is valued throughout our lives. As we grow older, our toys are gradually traded for tools and our play time gets replaced by work. The artist draws these objects as a sign of respect for their impact on her life, while also encouraging the viewer to consider the tools that foster creativity and imagination as time goes on.

Marta McWhorter is a ten-year resident of Savannah, Georgia. She has been a member of the local artist co-op, kobo gallery, for over four years. At kobo, she exhibits works in many different mediums ranging from drawings, paintings, and collage to found object assemblage and installations. When she is not making art, Marta is a lighting designer and show electrician working in theatre and live music production. Her work on stage greatly influences her artistic practice and specifically informs the installation and still lives present in the current exhibit.