The New wcwm? Family Make

DSC_0068The New wcwm? Family Make

wcwm? focuses on developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills through imagination. Explore your creative side with inspiring activities utilizing up-cycled materials, found objects, and traditional art supplies. In addition to the wcwm? project kits, the studios provide water color and collage opportunities.

New to the open studio wcwm? program is monthly thematic Family Make: participants are assigned a theme and encouraged to make art from the most unexpected materials. January’s Make: Camera Obscura In conjunction with “Fresh Focus: Contemporary Photography from the Permanent Collection”

A Camera obscure is a camera without film, a precursor to the invention of photography, in use since the Victorian era. Easy to build and fun to personalize, it can function in most any form. The camera obscura will demystify the functions of a camera, while providing a fun artistic investigation of composition and light in the world around us.

In the gallery, the works in this exhibit embody investigations and wonder that comes naturally to kids. Some images document the beauty and fun of our surroundings while others seem to make inquiries into the nature of objects and place. We can use the often narrative elements of these works to encourage observation and verbalization. Use the suggested question on the next page to keep your kids talking.

In the Studio you will find step by step instructions to build your camera obscura.   These projects are designed to be problem solving exercises in creativity. So we are going to open our wcwm? closet, packed with up-cycled opportunity,   so that you discover your own make.   We encourage parents to build their own while assisting children. It’s good to exemplify and verbalize the habits you want to encourage.What Can We Make activities in Lane Studio

Being creative is about the unexpected transformations.   We have an end goal but the fun part is how you get there. So have some open ended fun and   style your own personalized variation on the camera obscura.

Suggested Vocabulary

What is a photograph? A picture produced with camera: an image produced on light-sensitive film or array inside a camera.

Black and white is usually discussed in terms of value. Value is the relative lightness and darkness of the image or elements in the image.

Sepia toning is a specialized treatment to give a black-and-white photographic print a warmer often reddish brown tone.   Significant to the work in his exhibit are neutral colors, any color that has been grayed by mixing other colors with, and

Intense color is bright pure color.

Composition is the placement or arrangement of visual elements or ingredients in a work of art or a photograph

Focal Point focuses specifically on a point of interest