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Celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Telfair Children's Art Museum with us all month long with featured events and programs!
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Learn with our hands-on activities developed by our education team!

Collecting Impressionism Scavenger Hunt

Collecting Impressionism: Telfair’s Modern Vision traces the early 20th-century footsteps of noted Telfair art advisor Gari Melchers (1860–1932) as he traveled the country and the globe collecting remarkable examples of American, German, and French Impressionism. Use Telfair’s online collection database, and find these pieces featured in the exhibition.

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Art Start: Collecting Impressionism

Once a month, our youngest patrons are invited to the Jepson Center for story time and activities. We are sharing some of the activities with you online!

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Impressionist Pop-Up Book

Impressionism is a style of painting that began in France in the late 1800s. Painters began focusing on the effects of light and use of vibrant colors. Landscapes and scenes of modern life were rapidly painted with choppy, textured brushstrokes. Impressionists favored painting en plein air, meaning they would go outside and paint “in the open air” instead of inside studios. Spring is the perfect season for impressionism because of all the sunshine and new growth happening outdoors.

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Seed Germination Experiment

Spring into Science: Grow Your Own Garden

Spring is a season full of new beginnings. After a cold winter, spring brings warmer weather and longer daylight hours. Streams and rivers flow stronger because of melting snow and frequent rains. The landscape becomes more and more green as plants begin to grow and bloom. Now is the perfect time to grow things on your own! With this simple setup, it is easy to have fun examining and observing how a seed transforms during germination.

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Bird Girl Coloring Sheet

Create your own work of art featuring Savannah’s beloved Bird Girl.

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