Telfair Museums to Open New “ArtZeum” Exhibits for Preschool Children

ArtZeum Melchers house construction photoTelfair Museums announce the opening of four new exhibits designed for preschool children and families. Funded by the Telfair Academy Guild, the new activities are installed in the ArtZeum – the children’s museum space at Telfair’s Jepson Center.

An opening celebration will take place on Saturday, May 19 at 11 am with activities in the ArtZeum and museum studios continuing through 2 pm. Admission is free to families during this event, sponsored by the Telfair Academy Guild.

New activities for Telfair’s ArtZeum will include an architectural play space based on a house shown in one of the museums’ best-loved paintings, The Unpretentious Garden by artist Gari Melchers. Children can weave vines into an arbor and enter the house to sort, select and hang Telfair collection images on the walls. Other activities include a shape station, inspired by the work of artist Alexander Calder, in which children may construct two and three dimensional shapes with colorful magnetic tiles. An “art garden” activity also allows for creative play, with an opportunity to build a flower bed with recycled materials. A fourth activity introduces children to symmetry in the three Telfair Museum buildings.

Photo: Gari Melchers’ house, an architectural playspace shown in construction at Studio Displays Inc.