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Telfair Museums is thrilled to announce its plans to open the new Children’s Art Museum (CAM) at the Jepson Center in 2023!

The Telfair Children’s Art Museum will address a significant need identified through our strategic planning process to provide an updated museum experience that offers our members, visitors, and our local school communities transformative learning experiences for all ages and styles of learning using modern technologies, immersive environments, and low-tech and hands-on activities. The new Children’s Art Museum will also serve as a major attraction for the thousands of visitors to our area, and for local families and school children seeking educational experiences that address the needs and expectations of contemporary audiences.

To learn more about supporting this project, please contact Rana Edgar, director of development, at or 912.790.8865.



At this time, we are developing our promotional plans for the Telfair Children’s Art Museum. For advertising and media inquiries, please contact Bri Salley, director of marketing and communications, at