Teachers of the Telfair Community Exhibit April 16-June 11

The Telfair Museums Education Department is proud to present The Teachers at the Telfair 2011-2012, exhibition in the Jepson Center Mary Lane Morrison Community Gallery.

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Education was a critical component of Mary Telfair’s vision for the Telfair Academy. According to her wishes, since established in 1883, the Telfair Academy of Art and Sciences has  provided cultural education opportunities to the community of Savannah.   Over the course of 130 years many great artist, teachers, curators, and directors have recognized and maintained the importance of this service to the greater community. The educational programs offered today; studio classes, lectures, outreach efforts, family days, 4th grade program, and weeks of free admission, are efforts that always been present at the Telfair museums in some form. This past year artist working with the museums completed art projects with nearly 10,000 children and adults.

In the Teachers of the Telfair Exhibit   we have chosen to feature the individuals that have worked to bridge the museum’s exhibits with the Savannah community; by carrying bags of art supplies out to the parks and playgrounds of Savannah, eagerly volunteering time in the museum’s educational department, and endearingly hosted classes and workshops in the Jepson center Studio’s.

These artists are part of the museum history and have continued learning tradition that began with the museum’s first curator, Carl Brandt, in 1883. A highly accomplished artist, Mr. Brandt offered the first painting classes on the third floor of the Telfair Academy.

Some artists represented in this exhibition have long established careers as artist, while others are young up-in-coming, and some have only just begun their artistic development.   Each year new artists join the legacy of education at the museum. This exhibition provides a great opportunity to honor the recent teaching artists that have made a commitment to cultural education.

The exhibition will be on view until Monday June 11th.

Below are some great photos of   Addison and Elise,  Education  Department Interns   installing the exhibition.

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