Talking Some S.M.A.C.K.

-Martha Mythlo

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That would be Super Museum Art by Creative Kids. We find examples everyday in the studios and the ArtZeum, and today we are pleased to begin sharing these treasures with you.

How and where were these made? Some were created in the Jepson Center’s   Melaver Studio, which is open Thursday through Saturday from 10am to 2pm. We call it wcwm? (what can we make?). Visitors are welcome to just walk into the studio, where a   Telfair art instructor guides them through an open-ended, all-ages art activity designed to bring out and exercise their creative side.

There are also multiple opportunities to create in the Jepson’s Center’s ArtZeum. We have two drawing walls and two magnet walls: one for assembling household objects into sculptural pieces and another using classical architectural elements. There is a symbols station for pencil and paper creations, and two different block stations where we regularly discover whole mini-cities of architectural wonders.

Come see us, contribute to the creative energy, and walk away with the following bragging rights: Your art work is on view at a temporary exhibition hosted by Telfair Museums.