Summer time Photo Camp Session 1

PhotoClass_DSC_0026On Monday morning-after a dozen 10 to 12-year-old students shyly introduced themselves-one student peered at the photo camp schedule and asked fearlessly, “What is film photography?”   The question echoed around the U-shaped table.   Despite their rising intrigue with learning photography, the kids maintained the patience and self-awareness to start from the very beginning.

The photo camps sponsored by Kathy Levitt and Jack Leigh began in 2006, making them some of the museum’s longest running summer educational programs. The camp, now taught by professional photographers Ann Curry and Charlie Ribbens, exposes students to advanced photography techniques in black and white as well as color film and digital photography.

PhotoClass_DSC_0010In order to develop an understanding of film and exposure times, students use pinhole cameras, make photograms, and develop their own images in a professional dark room.   After reaching a full awareness of how a camera works, what film is, and the technical functions a camera, the much-anticipated digital cameras are pulled out.

This program gets kids out and about in downtown Savannah. This year, students ran into Mayor Edna Jackson, who they invited to the camp exhibit at the Jepson Center on Friday the 21st at 3:30pm.   Students also took over the furniture store 24e on Broughton St., using the exciting window display and furniture as subjects.


The kids also get to meet established local photographers, such as Claire Oosterhoudt and Christopher. Claire, an alumni of the Telfair’s photo camp, is a recent graduate in photography from Guilford and showed work from her recent trip to Thailand and Australia. Christopher has just published a photography book entitled “The Silent Voice Images of the Homeless” and will be exhibiting at the Sentient Bean in October.


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