Sprung: An Installation by Troy Wandzel

Jepson Cafe Through November 2015


Local artist Troy Wandzel has received widespread recognition for his paintings, in particular his confrontational bust-length portraits. Wandzel paints from life, finding inspiration from the people and objects in front of him at any given moment. Sprung_350This philosophy leads him to create myriad self-portraits, as he is always a ready subject found in the plentiful mirrors dotting his studio space. He views each one as greatly different though, contending that in every second the color, facial features, and emotive output of his face or that of his sitter are changing. That sense of transformation materializes on each visage through his use of a patchwork of energetic colors and dynamic contours.

Not solely limited to the canvas, Wandzel creates large-scale murals, but has also been known to paint rather atypical surfaces such as a Mr. Potato Head. His artwork tends to be a medley of portraiture, geometrical patterns, and cut-outs brought together through his expressionistic style of bright colors and forceful painterly marks such as visible paintbrush strokes, crosshatches, and cascades of heavy drips.

Sprung_HeadTroy Wandzel graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Illustration in 1995 and is currently based in Savannah.