Sit down with a docent- an interview with Brian Judson


Originally from Santa Cruz, CA, docent Brian Judson is a 5-year docent of Telfair Museums.

We asked a few questions to learn a little more about this familiar face.

What has been your favorite exhibit (or piece) to talk about? Tough one…probably the Varnedoe collection. I love the pieces and especially with tourists, I use it as a chance to illustrate Savannah’s connections with the larger art world. I also enjoy talking about the architecture. I currently chair the Historic Review Board for the city so I have an appreciation for what it took to get the Jepson.

What do you like about Savannah? The focus on art and architecture – why we chose to move here. Love California, but there is a sense of transience there and I love the sense of permanence here.

What is your favorite group to give a tour to? Little kids. As an offshoot of that I have done several tours for Savannah Tech for students who are going in to early childhood education. I treat them as though they are 5 year olds: sit crisscross applesauce, catch bubbles, etc

Where is your favorite non-Telfair place to go in the city? A stroll through Forsyth always lifts my spirits, or any of the squares.

Where would you suggest a tourist go in town? In addition to our three fine facilities, I always make sure our out of town guests go to Bluff Drive in Isle of Hope.

What is your favorite color? Green

If you were a crayon, which one would you be? The really worn sky blue one w/little or no paper left on it.

Do you have any crazy vacation stories? Or maybe crazy “Living in Savannah” stories? My first encounter with the Jepson was a good story. We had just sold our home in California, we took some of the money and splurged on purchasing a Rauschenberg in SF. I was here checking on the progress of our home and Mr. Rauschenberg was at the Jepson! It felt like kismet. I couldn’t get in, but came back the next day, joined the museum and picked up the brochure on becoming a docent. I do a lot of business networking and I always advise people to join the museum. [It’s] a great place to meet good people.

Telfair fun fact: Bryan was also the officiant at a Telfair employee’s wedding. He performed the ceremony of former education curator Sarah Ward and her husband Rick when they wed at the Academy.


Thanks Brian! If you are interested in becoming a docent or volunteering at the museum, please call 912.790.8869 or click here to find out other opportunities.