Counterillumination (C-2010): An Installation by Shih Chieh Huang

Jepson Center January 21 - April 4, 2010

Exhibition Closed April 2010

Telfair will present a dynamic new installation by artist Shih Chieh Huang in the Lewis Gallery of the Jepson Center in conjunction with the museum’s 2010 Pulse: Art and Technology Festival. Shih Chieh Huang (b. Taiwan, 1975) creates kinetic, glowing, “breathing,” environments of low tech electronic creatures inspired by the evolutionary adaptations of life forms that reside in inhospitable environments, for example the deep ocean. The artist states “I create analogous ecosystems in my installations and populate them with organic living things made from common, everyday objects…household appliances, zip ties, water tubes, lights, computer parts, cheap motorized toys and the like.” In Huang’s work “computer cooling fans are repurposed for locomotion, Tupperware serves as a skeletal framework, guitar tuners are rewired to detect sound, and automatic night lights become a sensory input.” Huang’s almost hallucinatory environments have been featured at 01SJ Biennial at the San Jose Museum of Art, the Taiwan pavilion of the 2007 Venice Biennalle and in numerous other solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. Huang was also an artist in residence at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, where he studied bioluminescence in sea creatures and insects.


Images: Shih Chieh Huang; Counterillumination (C-2010)