Responsive Bit6

Jepson Center April 29 - May 30. 2010

Exhibition Closed May 2010

The Telfair presents an exhibition of interactive works in the Morrison Community Gallery by artists Blake Malouf, Ian Bellemy, Marie LePichon, Wei-Hao Chang, Wei-Jei Tseng, and WeiJin Zhon. All of the artists have studied interactive design and game development with SCAD professor Andrew Hieronymi, whose installation Virtual Ground is on view in the Jepson Center. The exhibition includes seven works that require the viewer’s participation in order to achieve their purpose and come to life. Each of the installations ask something different of the participants, be it to help create a solar eclipse, to grow amazing underwater creatures, or to fight an opponent with an army of cubes. No matter how different these installations may be, they all have one thing in common: they need someone to interact with them.