Preservation work in progress for Owens Thomas House

This summer, repair work was steady on the Owens-Thomas House’ stucco and its hyphen window. Work will continue through the fall and winter by the Coastal Heritage Society , on the existing stucco,   a wonderful patchwork of repairs since the home’s construction in 1819. For the technically-inclined preservationist, it’s an informative escapade into how approaches and philosophies for these repairs have changed over time. With careful material selection, application and color matching, these ongoing repairs will tell the story of sensitive workmanship in the future.

Repair work has revealed the interesting blend of cut coquina stone, brick and slate that original masons constructed to support the jack arches over the windows and in the cornice structure. The hypen window suffers from cruel exposure to weather and water intrusion. Replacing an earlier repair on the bottom rail and a portion of the stiles with a superior wood and re-caulking all the surrounding materials will ensure the window will brave the elements for many years to come.