Cuppetelli and Mendoza – Notional Field (Savannah)

JEPSON CENTER January 29-April 13, 2014

Cuppetelli and MendozaDetroit-based artists Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza combine fiber art with high definition video in a series of mesmerizing interactive works. In Notional Field (see front cover), vertical parallel lines of elastic cord are illuminated with a computer-generated video projection of lines. The motion of the projected lines is controlled by software which makes them act like soft ropes which bend and sway in response to the movements of the viewer. The interference of projection and shadow also creates moiré patterns, which result when parallel lines overlap in variation. This effect speaks to the artists’ interest in perception and influences from the “Light and Space” art movement of the 1960s, Kinetic Art, Venezu­elan and digital technologies. Annica Cuppetelli (USA) and Cristobal Mendoza (Venezuela) began their artistic collaboration in 2010. Their work has been exhibited in the Denver Art Museum, Scopitone Festival (France), FILE (Brazil), and Video Dumbo at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, New York.