NEA and NEH Funding in Jeopardy with New Presidential Administration


A message from Telfair Museums Director Lisa Grove on the future of the NEA & NEH


As you may have heard, the incoming presidential administration announced today that their new budget will eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities, which comprise 0.006 percent of the national budget. In response to this de-funding proposal, the Association of Art Museum Directors has issued a statement: “Funding for the NEA and NEH is very modest, yet this small investment benefits the nation in invaluable ways. The NEA and the NEH provide support for programs in every congressional district in our country—serving people young and old, and those from all walks of life and with different perspectives. It is the mark of a great democracy to support the arts, which are an expression of what makes us human. For these reasons, the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) urges all elected officials who may be considering cutting funding to the NEA and NEH not to do so, and to sustain these programs which serve the American people.”

These proposed cuts directly affect the Telfair. We are honored to have received three NEA grants within the past four years – the first three ever in our institution’s history. In addition, we have received support from the NEH in the past and have just submitted our major funding proposal to the NEH in support of our Owens-Thomas House reinterpretation project. These cuts will impact our ability to create the world-class level of programming you have come to expect from us in recent years. Please consider reaching out to your elected officials to let them know how important these programs are to the cultural well-being of our society.