Museum Memories…

Telfair-Academy-c-Attic_FireHere at Telfair Museums we work in a museum environment every day. Whether its the Owens-Thomas House, Jepson Center or the Telfair Academy we sometimes seem to forget the intrinsic beauty and wonder of a museum.

Through following the Twitter trending topic #museummemory (started by @MuseumNerd) we were inspired to share some of our earliest Museum Memories.

What are your earliest memories of enjoying a museum? Please share them on Twitter by using the hashtag #museummemory!

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“I was about 8 years old when I first walked into an art museum. It was midsummer and my parents were dragging us kids all over DC.   It seemed as the city was made entirely of white stone that radiated heat and sunlight. Arriving at the National Gallery was like entering a cool, dim oasis. I fell in love with Raphael’s St. George and the Dragon, and it is still one of my favorite paintings.”
-Martha Mythlo

Associate Curator of Education

“I remember sitting in front of William Sydney Mount paintings at the Stony Brook Museum for hours, patiently waiting so I could go see the doll rooms and play in the carriage museum. And by patiently, my mother and babysitter will probably tell you that I was doing all I could to not get kicked out.”
-Caila Brown

Online Communications Manager

“My parents would always take me to the DIA in Detroit. Aside from the fantastic refrigerator art I could make on family days, my earliest memory was when I was 3: We saw a live performance of “Babar.”
– Holly Akkerman

Graphic Designer

“Wadsworth Athenaeum in Hartford, CT – age 4 – they had a mummy!!”
– Cyndi Sommers

Administrative Asst. O.T. House

“Bennington Museum’s Festival of Trees exhibit during the holiday season. Artists, educators, designers, musicians, politicians, etc submit a tree (complete with lights, decorations, festive elements) that coincide with the festival’s theme for the year. My family just moved to Bennington from North Bennington (I know, such a long hike J) and I remember thinking my new hometown was SO COOL for decorating nearly 100 trees. There was even a tree made entirely out of metal! It excited me to see so much creativity.

We saw that exhibit almost every year before I went to college. It still goes on today.”

– Caryn Turgeon

Education Coordinator