Monet to Matisse: Masterworks of French Impressionism

Jepson Center September 28, 2018—February 10, 2019

Monet to Matisse: Masterworks of French Impressionism from the Dixon Gallery and Gardens is an expansive view of nineteenth-century French painting and its influences. It is a story of artistic freedom and the shift from stilted academic historicism to near abstraction.

In 1874, a group of young painters—including Monet, Pissarro, Sisley, and Renoir—organized an exhibition independent of the official French Salon, which did not approve of their new style. Called “Impressionists” because their paintings appeared to capture a fleeting vision of light on a subject rather than the thing itself, the artists often worked en plein air, or out of doors. Their work was characterized by quick brushwork and unblended paint applied directly to the canvas, creating shape and volume through the contrast of colors. The works in the exhibition are not only beautiful but also historically significant, with some of the canvases first seen in the original Impressionist shows of the 1870s and 1880s in Paris.

Monet to Matisse features 30 paintings from the renowned collection of the Dixon Gallery and Gardens in Memphis, Tennessee. The exhibition includes landscapes, portraits, interiors, and still lifes by leaders of French Impressionism: Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Berthe Morisot, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Camille Pissarro, and Alfred Sisley, as well as work by noted Americans Mary Cassatt and John Singer Sargent. Major paintings by Post-Impressionist artists Henri Matisse, Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Marc Chagall, and Georges Braque complete the exhibition.



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Members-Only Opening Lecture and Reception

Thursday, September 27
Lecture at Trinity United Methodist Church, 6pm
Reception and Exhibition Viewing at the Jepson Center, 

Online registration will open August 1.

Sponsored by Telfair Academy Guild.



Ross King: Mad Enchantment at Telfair Museums

The Heroism of Modern Life: Édouard Manet and the Impressionists

Tuesday, November 6  |  5pm
Jepson Center

Tickets: $125 – cocktails and dinner; $60 – cocktails only

Impressionism has been one of the most popular and enduring artistic movements in history. However, in the 1860s and 1870s the young French painters suffered ridicule and abuse as, led by Édouard Manet, they rebelled against a powerful artistic establishment. What made their art so shocking and so threatening? And why, by contrast, is Impressionism so popular today? This illustrated lecture will look at the radical artistic aims of the Impressionists and their struggles to capture the modern world.



Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies

Wednesday, November 7  |  10:30am
Jepson Center

Tickets: $75 – lecture and luncheon; $35 – lecture only

Claude Monet’s Water Lilies offer images of great beauty and tranquility. Ironically, these canvases were created at a time of great sorrow and anxiety as Monet struggled with old age, ill health and self-doubt, and as France was plunged into the horrors of World War I. This illustrated lecture will tell the full story, personal and historical, behind the painting of these icons of twentieth-century art. This event is in collaboration with Telfair Academy Guild.


Monet to Matisse is organized by the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, Tennessee.

Investment is provided by the City of Savannah.

Investment is provided by the City of Savannah


Exhibition Sponsors:

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All works collection of Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis. Images, top left to bottom right:  Claude Monet (French, 1840 – 1926); Port of Dieppe, Evening, 1882; oil on canvas; 27 ¼ x 28 ¾ inches. Henri Matisse (French, 1869 – 1954); The Palace, Belle Île, c. 1896 – 97; oil on canvas; 12 ¾ x 15 ¾ inches. Alfred Sisley (French, 1839 – 1899); The Seine at Billancourt, c. 1877 – 78; oil on canvas; 15 x 21 ½ inches. Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French, 1841 – 1919); The Picture Book, c. 1895; oil on canvas; 15 ½ x 12 ½ inches. Claude Monet (French, 1840 – 1926); Village Street, c. 1870; oil on canvas; 16 ¼ x 25 inches.