Adult Classes

Adult studio classes are tailored to reinforce museum exhibition themes and/or concepts. Filling a niche in the community, studio classes offer a nurturing creative environment and provide a wonderful opportunity to advance your artistic talents. All classes and workshops are at the Jepson Center unless otherwise noted. Contact Kip Bradley for more information at

Fall classes have concluded, but spring classes will be announced soon! Check back later for a list of upcoming classes and workshops.


Double Feature Bonaventure Painting Workshop
Saturday–Sunday, March 24–25, 8am–5pm / Bonaventure Cemetery
Members $250 / non-members $275
Instructors: Jeff Markowsky and Lori Keith Robinson

This two-day workshop will show the beginner-to-intermediate artist two approaches for plein air oil painting in one location. There will be eight contact hours of instruction each day with demonstrations. The first day of the workshop with Jeff Markowsky is structured for beginners who have never painted outdoors as well as the intermediate and novice painter with experience. Jeff will start out the workshop with a focus on keeping it simple. Lessons will include pallet setup, use of notan sketching, massing in basic shapes, working with gestalt principles, and further exploration of color and value relationships.

On Sunday, Lori Keith Robinson will explore the keys to a more successful painting. This workshop will focus on the simple things that can make a big difference in your paintings. The instructor will discuss the effects of light on color, selecting subject matter for painting, the importance of shadows for value contrast, simple compositions to bring the viewer into your painting, and simplifying unnecessary details for focus. No experience in plein-air painting is necessary; however, basic painting skills are helpful.


Sketch-Booking, Observational Painting and Drawing Foundations
Fridays, March 2–April 20, 10:30am–1pm
Members $95 / non-members $120
Instructor: Kip Bradley
Register for the Sketch-Booking, Observational Painting and Drawing Foundations Studio Class at Telfair Museums

The more technology is integrated into our lives, the cooler low-tech activities like sketch-booking become. It’s time to enjoy the simplicity, growth, and delight that comes from sketching. This eight-week class will introduce you to keeping a sketchbook and assist you in developing your own methods. This class will provide a strong introduction to drawing and watercolor techniques, while helping you develop the habits of incorporating sketching into your daily routine. Artists of all levels are welcome.


Still Life and Figurative Drawing
Wednesdays, March 7–April 11, 10:30am–1pm
Members $175 / non-members $195
Instructor: Mickey Boisvert
Register for the Still Life and Figurative Drawing Class at Telfair Museums

This class is for students seeking to advance their observational drawing skills. Each week we will focus on fine-tuned looking and seeing, perspective, composition, drawing mass not just line, and use of the full value range. A still life or model will be provided to encourage students to draw from life, and handouts with helpful techniques will offer important reminders of good drawing practices. Ongoing exercises will challenge students to draw in new ways.


Painting Boot Camp
Thursday, January 11, 10:30am–3:30pm
Members $75 / non-members $95
Instructor: Kip Bradley
Register for the Painting Bootcamp class at Telfair Museums

Do you want to learn the basics of oil painting? This class is designed to build foundational skills and expand knowledge of techniques and materials that can be applied to many painting styles and to realist or abstract subjects. Students will learn how to use paint, paint mediums, and brushes for outstanding results, practice color mixing, and explore how to create the illusion of three-dimensional forms.


Plein Air Group
Thursdays, February 22–April 26, 1–4pm / Various locations
Members $40 / non-members $65
Instructor: Kip Bradley
Register for the Plein Air Group class at Telfair Museums

The tough part of painting isn’t always the “how to” but sometimes just the “when.” Set aside a regular time to meet and ensure time is taken each week to create in a safe and social atmosphere. This noninstructional group will meet each week in a different location to execute paintings in plein air. Work in the media of your choice and have the opportunity to see how others work as well.


Workshop Series
Wednesdays, March 28–April 25, 1:30–4pm
Members $40 / non-members $65 per class session
Instructor: Kip Bradley

Making your own sketchbook: Learn how to bind your own sketchbook. Students will hand tear their own pages and learn a simple cross-stitch binding.
Register for the Make Your Own Sketchbook Workshop at Telfair Museums

Casual perspective: Strengthen your understanding of perspective and learn to apply it intuitively in plein air. Exercises will be completed in pencil and pen and ink.
Register for the Casual Perspective Workshop at Telfair Museums

Intuitively painting: Learn to work gesturally and intuitively to bring life into an observational drawing or painting through greater subjectivity. Exercises will be completed in charcoal, pencil, pen, and watercolor.
Register for the Intuitively Painting Workshop at Telfair Museums

Direct to paint observational water colors: Add more spontaneity to your landscapes by focusing on value structures and notan (focusing on positive and negative shapes) to work directly in paint without pre-drawing. Exercises will be completed in marker, charcoal, and watercolor.
Register for the Direct to Paint Observational Watercolors Workshop at Telfair Museums

Light and atmosphere in painting: Explore and practice traditional value structures used by artists to create dramatic space and light in paintings. Exercises will be completed in watercolor.
Register for the Light and Atmosphere in Painting Workshop at Telfair Museums


Gestural Portraits Mini Workshop
Thursday, January 18, 10:30am–3:30pm
Members $75 / non-members $95
Instructor: Rob Summerlin
Register for the Gestural Portraits Mini Workshop at Telfair Museums

This one-day workshop for advanced students will highlight the benefits of painting quickly with oils. Students will work with a live model and strict time limits in an effort to remove hesitation from their painting process. This injection of energy will leave strokes longer and colors brighter and will ultimately give more life to the students’ portraits.


Gestural Portraits
Thursdays, February 8–March 15, 10:30am–1pm
Members $175 / non-members $195
Instructor: Rob Summerlin
Register for the Gestural Portraits class at Telfair Museums

In this six-day workshop, intermediate to advanced students will learn to employ dynamic painterly approach to portraiture. Working from the figure, students will develop gestural studies in charcoal emphasizing value and mark making skills. These skills will be further explored in oil paint emphasizing color and mark through multiple studies with strict time limits. This period of guided study will remove hesitation from the painting process, injecting energy and more life into the students’ portraits.