Come explore the ArtZeum!


The Jepson Center houses ArtZeum, our interactive children’s museum space, and museum admission is always free for children 12 and under!* It’s designed with young people in mind, but challenges young and old alike to rethink their ideas about art. The ArtZeum features 14 activities exploring some big ideas about art: What is art? Why do we make art? How do we look at art? How do we value art?

Normally we don’t recommend walking into the art, but the ArtZeum has two stations where you can do just that. Step into a reproduction of the artist Gari Melchers home, inspired by his painting The Unpretentious Garden (the original is on view in the Telfair Academy rotunda). Inside you will find reproductions of other art works from the Telfair collection, and a wall where you can act as curator and chose which art to display.

There’s lots more. We have a glass wall made just for expressing your creative side. Got an opinion? Tell us which work of art is a must-have if you are moving to the moon. Interested in 3-D? Use our special magnetic tiles to transform 2-D shapes to 3-D forms. Learn about the art of architecture. Puzzle out the differences and similarities between the Telfair three landmark buildings. Try on a Capital Cap and think about what it would feel like to hold up a building. Create your own buildings with architectural blocks.

When you are ready for a break, you can relax with an art book in one of our fun big comfy chairs designed by Phillipe Starck, made just right for a snuggle and a read.
ArtZeum has been generously supported by Chatham County, Gulfstream Aerospace, and the Telfair Academy Guild.


*Not valid for groups.



Complementing the ArtZeum, the Jepson Center’s Technology and Art Gallery is a great place for visitors of all ages to explore interactive and new media art. This long-term rotating exhibit introduces viewers to new media works that use various types of video and computer processing.

Look for new works in this gallery every January in conjunction with the Telfair’s annual Art and Technology Festival.

ArtZeum welcomes school groups! To book your visit, contact us at 912.790.8827.