Inherent Makers and Story Tellers

The artifacts of our homes and lives tell stories. As children these stories are means to understanding the processes of living. The two quilt exhibitions at Telfair Museums offer a wonderful way to explore the narratives of living while also fostering kid’s natural desire to make.

Ellen Dissanayke in her essay The Pleasure and Meaning of Making made the point that we are all inherently makers. She pointed out that one of the first things we learn to do as babies is manipulate our environment. If you throw a spoon on the floor mom or dad will pick it up-and, if you do it again, mom and dad will continue to pick up the spoon.

The Bright colors and simple symbols in the quilts are inviting and inspiring to children and lend themselves to easy imaginative explorations. The quilts or blankets are items all kids will recognize and have established relationship with. As Art or utilitarian items these quilts are easily accessible to young kids and offer fun imaginative way for kids to explore the arts and well as community and self.

Quilts from the Telfair’s Collection were made by Americans of all ages, races and creeds with one important factor in common – the need to express themselves through their textile artistry. Providing warmth and comfort as well as communicating their makers’ message, in the most tactile of mediums, these quilts tell their stories.

Journey to the Beloved Community: Story Quilts by Beth Mount features quilts created by Beth Mount, a Georgia native living in New York City. Mount uses her textile skills in a creative format to build communication among the diverse groups of people with whom she works, supporting people with disabilities in becoming valued members of the community. She achieves that end by using quilts as a way to connect people and ideas, art and activism. This exhibition provides is a perfect and inviting way to explore perception narration and making with kids.

The quilt exhibitions are on view at the Jepson Center until October 14, 2012. You can make your own collaged quilt in in our drop in open studio, wcwm? (What Can We Make?) Thursdays-Saturdays from 10-2pm, and the Art Zeum is always open and always entertaining for kids and adults.