Gaming Tables for Whist, Chess, and Other Amusements

Telfair Academy April 18 - August 23, 2009

Exhibition Closed August 2009

Reflecting the American predilection for card-playing and gaming during the Federal era, the card table was one of the most common articles of furniture imported to Savannah in the years following the American Revolution. In this small, specialized exhibition, the Telfair Museum of Art draws primarily from its permanent collection to survey card tables and other gaming furniture forms. Examples from the museum’s collection include a mahogany veneered card table with gilded accents once owned by the Telfair family and a wooden chess board with ivory-carved Oriental figurines. The exhibition will explore the material culture of games during the Federal era, while also addressing related issues such as why card tables became so popular during this period; how, when, and where games took place; and, if all Americans joined in the fun.


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