Game Change: Videogames as Art Medium and inspiration

Jepson Center February 27 - April 8, 2012

Ian Bogost A Slow Year autumn 2

Exhibition Closed April 2012

Since their development and beginnings as cutting-edge technology, videogames have provided fertile ground as both a medium and inspiration for artists, particularly within the last decade. Contemporary artists have continued to modify existing games or game technology, design new games, create videos within game worlds, and employ the visual vocabulary of videogames in other media.

Game Change: Videogames as Art Medium and Inspiration, is an intimate exhibition that brings together visual artists utilizing these strategies, changing gaming and art in the process. The exhibition will include non-traditional videogames including A Slow Year, a series of game poems designed for vintage Atari systems by game theorist/designer Ian Bogost. Mary Flanagan’s hypnotic installation [borders] documents the artists’ journey through online multi-user wrlds to the margins of these environments where illusion breaks down.

The spirit of independent art games and artcades is represented by artists including Kunal Gupta, co-founder of New York indie arcade Babycastles and award-winning independent game designer Mark Essen. Game Change also includes Greg Borenstein’s new assistive game utilizing the Kinect system.

This exhibition will be presented in conjunction with Telfair Museums’ 2012 PULSE Art & Technology Festival.

Participating Artists

Joe Alterio

Babycastles artists (Kunal Gupta, Syed Salahuddin, Lauren Gardner, Bennett Foddy, Jared Hillier)

Ian Bogost

Greg Borenstein

Mark Callahan (Click here to view his web animation, Folk Forms No. 1)

Terry Cavanagh

Mark Essen

Mary Flanagan

Andrew Hieronymi

Jeremiah Johnson (Nullsleep)

Shinji Murakami

Baden Pailthorpe

Federico Schneider


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Game Change Panel discussion with speakers Ian Bogost, Mary Flanagan, Kunal Gupta, Greg Borenstein
March 1 / 6 pm / Jepson Center

Game exhibition visitors with MOVE

Game Night at the Jepson!
April 5 / 6 pm / Jepson Center

It’s almost Game Over! Come in and enjoy the exhibition Game Change: Videogames as Art Medium and Inspiration before it closes. The program begins with a short gallery talk on videogame art by the exhibition’s curator Harry DeLorme.   Participants can try out the eight playable games in the exhibition as well as additional indie games and retrogaming with Vintage Atari and Nintendo systems in the museum studios.   Free to members.   $5 student non-member admission to the Jepson Center.


(Top) Ian Bogost, A Slow Year, 2010, Series of four Game Poems for Atari Video Computer System (shown: Autumn)