Future Past: Interactive Art Inspired by Art History

Jepson Center

Art history is often a source of inspiration for contemporary artists, even those who make their work using code and contemporary technologies. The works in this gallery reference well -known artists and movements from history from Van Gogh to Pollock to Op Art. Daniel Shiffman’s 2002 work Swarm is the earliest piece in the exhibition. Utilizing Processing, then a new tool for digital art development, Shiffman created an interactive software mirror that draws inspiration from both nature and abstract expressionist painting. The same movement is the inspiration for Pollock, an interactive canvas that you can spatter digital paint on with your body movements. Like Pollock, Gallerie Interactif was designed  by Physical Computing students at the Savannah College of Art and Design. This work consists of interactive projections on canvases, each based on a famous painting from art history. Unlike the real master paintings, these canvases may be touched to trigger whimsical animations. Combining software and computer vision with fibers, Notional Field (Telfair Museums) by Cuppetelli and Mendoza draws on the history of fiber arts and twentieth century op art. The artists use a physical arrangement of parallel strings with overlapping projection-mapped lines that you can interact with to create moving Moire patterns. Moire as an effect can be found in art from 17th century tapestries to computer art of the 1980s onward, demonstrating that old ideas can provide inspiration for new technologies. These works invite you to interact, collaborate and share your experience.