Gabriel Barcia-Colombo – For Those Who Wait

JEPSON CENTER January 29-April 13, 2014

Gabe Barcia-ColomboNew York-based artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo’s works focus on the act of leaving one’s imprint for the next generation, and reflect the digital age obsession for personal archiving and the collecting of friends and contacts in social media. In For Those Who Wait, an interac­tive video sculpture about the physicality of time, Barcia-Colombo presents a collection of projection-mapped clocks. At first the clocks hang motionless in the gallery. By turning an old fashioned hand crank, visitors may bring the clocks to life. The clocks function according to a predetermined schedule, ultimately spin­ning out of control and self-destructing in a variety of animations. Barcia-Colombo received a B.A. in Film Studies at USC and a Masters from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, where he is currently an instructor. He was a 2012 TED fellow and 2013 Open Studio Artist at the Museum of Arts and Design New York. His work has been shown at Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria), Scope Festival (NY), and Volta (Basel, Switzerland).