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Greg Finger and Zhou Fan, Loopwave: Tomorrow 2.0, [DETAIL], 2020, 96 x 60 in, interactive video installation.
Technology often exists in opposition to nature, but it has also been used by scientists, artists, and designers to further our understanding of the environment. Second Nature brings together technology-based art from Telfair’s permanent collection and new audiovisual works that reference nature. Originally installed for Telfair’s 2020 PULSE Festival, the exhibition has been updated with new hands-free experiences. The new interactive installation Loopwave: Tomorrow 2.0, a collaboration between artists Greg Finger and Zhou Fan, reflects human vulnerability in the face of nature and the impact of the novel coronavirus in spinning forms reminiscent of Buddhist prayer wheels. Immanence, an augmented reality installation by Max Almy and Teri Yarbrow, visually unlocks the hidden energy of trees and explores the tree of life as a symbol across time and cultures. Other works include artist Katja Loher’s video sculpture that reflects the decline of pollinators. In Daniel Rozin’s Sunset Mirror, a digital reflection of your image causes the sun to set as you walk toward it. Together these artists speak to our increasingly fraught relationship with the natural world.

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