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Savannah Videogame Showcase

January 24–27 at the Jepson Center

Enjoy a selection of fun, quirky and unusual games made in Savannah! Click on each featured game below to learn more about it.

Palm Dreams, from Savannah Videogame Showcase at Telfair Museums

Development team: Antonio Gil, Bailey Wheatland, Sukrit Tanticharoenkiat, Francis Curtin, Grey Hoffman, Brandon Greenawalt, Colton Olds, Steven Armstrong, Emilio Marullo, Justin Verschure, Justin Skiles

Made in SCAD’s Interactive Design and Game Development program, this unusual game allows you to play as a sentient palm tree. Launch coconuts to defeat enemies or grow in a new location, and bend to dodge projectiles.

Squidlit, from Savannah Videogame Showcase at Telfair Museums

Developers: Alex Barrett, Samantha Davenport

Every day is a wonderful day for invertebrates! This cute game lovingly recreates the look, functions, actions, and sounds of vintage Game Boy games.

Battery Jam, from Savannah Videogame Showcase at Telfair Museums

Developer: Halseo

Described as a “local multiplayer game of competitive territorial mayhem,” this game boasts beautiful graphics and exciting game play as you and other bots use the boombox to smash opponents into nuts and bolts and dominate the arena.

Development team: Logan McClure, Nick Barber, Monica Benya, Caitlyn Mowry, Mackenzie Patrick, Aidan Quigley, Alex Childers, Konner Howell, Luis Enrique Lopez, Scott Boyd

Vacancy takes place within a hotel that you are trying to escape via a vintage radio that allows you to travel to parallel-dimension versions of the hotel and solve puzzles.


Developer: Joshua Blair

This tabletop 2-D strumming game features guitar strings stretched over a screen to control input. The game provides an easy to memorize color code system and relies on ambidex­trous coordination to challenge the user.

Developers: Josiah White, Malcolm Howard

Recalling early videogames like Pong and Missile Command, this new project takes the unconventional approach of using three lasers powered by servo motors to create the game’s graphics during play.

That 1 Guy at Showbox in Seattle, WA
That1Guy, Photo Credit: Sunny Martini

Performance by That1Guy


January 26, 3pm

In keeping with the inventive spirit of PULSE, the museum presents a performance by That1Guy as part of our Chatham County Free Family Day. With an extensive and amazing track record of unique and imaginative performances featuring his curious instrument and copious amounts of originality, Mike Silverman, a/k/a That1Guy, has set himself apart as a true one-of-a-kind talent. The artist who trained in classical bass is known worldwide for his performances on an instrument of his own design called the Magic Pipe, “a monstrosity of metal, strings, and electronics (that) facilitates the dynamic live creation of music and magic.” He has been a consistent favorite at festivals including Electric Forest, All Good Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, Summer Meltdown, Montreal Jazz Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and many more. His collaboration and multiple tours with Buckethead performing as The Frankenstein Brothers has further cemented his reputation as a creative visionary. Performance recommended for ages 13 and older.

Admission is free for museum members, Chatham County residents, and local students. Proof of residency/enrollment is required.


Workshops are free by advance registration.

January 24 and 25, 4:30pm

Ages 10 and up

Instructors: Malcolm Howard, Fern Howard
Learn about coding and game design by playing a game.

Both workshops are full. To be added to the waitlist, please email Rachel Stayer at stayerr@telfair.org.

January 26, 10am–12pm

Instructors: Society of Women Engineers

This workshop is full! To be added to the waitlist please email Rachel Stayer at stayerr@telfair.org.

January 26: 10am–12pm

Instructor: Rachel Stayer
Learn to make a Zoetrope, an early mechanical animation device.

This workshop is full! To be added to the waitlist please email Rachel Stayer at stayerr@telfair.org.

January 27, 2pm

Ages 16 and up

Instructor: TBA
This workshop offers an introduction and suggested projects to help you get started using Raspberry Pi, a $35 computer that can be used for a variety of creative projects. Registrants are asked to bring your own “pi.”

To register, click below or email Rachel Stayer at stayerr@telfair.org.

Register Now »

Site Specific Projection Installation by John Colette

January 23–27 at the Jepson Center

Media artist John Colette will create large-scale projections visible from inside and outside the Jepson Center for four evenings beginning January 24. See the installation in full on the evening of January 25 during the Designing the Future event.

Investment is provided by the City of Savannah, the Rotary Club of Skidaway Island, Infinity Inc., and generous donors. In-kind support provided by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., Funomena, Annapurna Interactive, and the Elumenati. 

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