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This exhibition is organized by the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, and curated by Julie Pierotti. The presentation of this exhibition at Telfair Museums is curated by Courtney McNeil, Chief Curator and Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs.

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Monet to Matisse is organized by the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, Tennessee.

Exhibition Sponsors:

Bob Faircloth
Alice and Bob Jepson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Dwaine L. Willett

Mr. and Mrs. F. Reed Dulany III
Mr. and Mrs. Angus C. Littlejohn
Wilson and Linda Fisk Morris
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Roelle

Dr. Victor L. Andrews
Lindsay and Brent Harlander
Linda Heasley and Stephen Coady
Dr. David M. Hillenbrand
Carolyn Luck
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rabinowitz
Thomas V. and Susan G. Reilly
Cheri D. and Benjamin R. Roach
Cathy and Philip Solomons
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. G. Vincent West
Susan Willetts and Alan K. Pritz
Curtis and Elizabeth Anderson
Inge A. Brasseler
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Tucker
Candace Lanier
Jim and Dottie Kluttz
Susan G. and Thomas V. Reilly Fund for Exhibitions
Jacqueline and Ken Sirlin
Barbara D. Bart
Mrs. Julian H. Good
Charlie Ellis and Julie McIntosh
Mrs. Robert O. Levitt
Marilyn and Wayne Sheridan
Mrs. Helen R. Steward
Susan and Ron Whitaker