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This extended installation originally organized for the 2014 PULSE Art and Technology Festival features the work Rafaël Rozendaal. A Dutch-Brazilian artist based in New York, Rozendaal  introduces himself as “a visual artist who uses the internet as his canvas.” The first artist to sell websites to private collectors, Rozendaal attracts international attention for his ability to transition internet art into physical settings and objects. At Telfair, Rozendaal presents an installation version of the website Looking at Something, which allows users to change the weather from sunshine to a thunderstorm in a window-like projection. The exhibition also includes selected interactive websites from the past dozen years which “research the screen as pictorial space” and suggest imagery from animated cartoons to abstract painting. Rozendaal’s work has been shown internationally in venues including the Centre Pompidou, Paris, the Venice Bienalle, and Seoul Art Square. His work has been covered extensively in media including Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, Flash Art, Vogue, and the Creator’s Project. Rozendaal is also the creator of BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer), a rapidly expanding series of curated projection exhibitions.

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