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A featured exhibition for the 2015 PULSE Art + Technology Festival will focus on the work of the Swiss-born artist Katja Loher, a leader among the next generation of video artists. Loher’s work takes video out of conventional modern contexts and into wall-mounted video portals and hand-blown glass bubbles. By peering into these orbs, viewers enter a parallel universe of performances by costumed dancers, entirely scripted, choreographed, and filmed by Loher. Environmental themes play a large role in the artist’s recent works, touching on endangered species, bee colony collapse, and speculation on whether humans can fulfill the essential roles that these creatures play. Loher’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions worldwide, at venues including the Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa; the San Jose Museum of Art; VOLTA NY, New York; the MAXXI Museum, Rome, Italy; the United Nations Pavilion, Shanghai Expo, China; SIGGRAPH Asia, Yokohama, Japan; and Art Digital, Moscow, Russia. Her work is featured in many private and public collections, such as those of the 21C Museum, Kentucky; and the Credit Suisse Collection, Switzerland.


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