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In dialogue with CONVERGENCE in the adjoining art912 gallery, DECONSTRUCTED features over a dozen works created in the Southeast in the 20th and 21st centuries. Beyond a regional guiding thread, these objects from Telfair Museums’ permanent collection speak to the theme of deconstruction, either formally or conceptually.


Highlighted artists:

Rocío Rodríguez (B. 1952)
Rudolph Valentino Bostic (1944 – 2021)
Julio Garcia (B. 1972)
Luther E. Vann (1937 – 2016)
Larry Connatser (1938 – 1996)
Nellie Mae Rowe (1900 – 1982)
Thornton Dial Sr. (1938 – 2016)
Cheryl Goldsleger (B. 1951)
Rev. Howard Finster (1916 – 2001)


This exhibition is organized by Telfair Museums and curated by Anne-Solène Bayan, assistant curator.

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