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What is your favorite work of art from Telfair Museums’ permanent collection? With a growing collection of over 8,000 objects, that can be a tough question to answer! Fortunately, Telfair’s staff, docents, and member affinity groups took on the challenge and selected 60 works for display in our largest group-curated exhibition to date, 9 to 5.

This exhibition presents a unique opportunity for voices at the museum across all departments and sites, traditionally working from 9am to 5pm, to contribute their personal insights into what makes a work of art compelling―choices that have been developed through time in the galleries, interactions with visitors, or individual research. For some, the technique or subject matter is paramount, while for others their special connection to the work is most important. These fresh viewpoints will be brought to the walls of the Jepson Center as the guest curators interpret work for the public through a personal statement on each label. In addition to amplifying the voices of Telfair’s dedicated team, the new perspectives are intended to inspire viewers to consider what makes a work of art unique beyond its art-historical meaning and the importance of creative expression to bring us joy.

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