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Postponed until October 2021 – Specific dates TBD

Director’s Circle members are invited to join Telfair Museums on a cultural arts adventure this fall.

Destination: Milan and Northern Italy

Telfair Museums is proud to present a unique travel experience for Director’s Circle and Melchers members in October with specific dates yet TBD. Splendors of Northern Italy: Art, Food, Culture, and Countryside will take you and other high-level museum donors through the sweeping Lake District across the undulating plain of the Po River, one of the most fertile in Italy, where the Romans founded a number of prosperous towns linked by the Via Emilia, which ran from Milan to the Adriatic coast. In the Middle Ages the region fragmented into a number of independent city states which, whether under a communal or despotic form of government, constructed mighty town halls, vast churches, splendid palaces and caused great works of art to be created.

In Lombardy, the rulers of Milan created around them the most glittering court in the peninsula, the rival of any in Europe. Artists, musicians and men of letters flocked here to participate in the unending spectacle of court life and to compete for the unparalleled opportunity to exercise their genius. With the presence of Leonardo and Bramante, the Duchy was a cradle of the High Renaissance and Lombard builders exported the Italian style all over Europe.

Starting in Milan, program highlights will include visits to the spectacular marble Gothic cathedral, the Brera Art Gallery, and a special private entrance to behold Leonardo’s Last Supper.  We also will venture out of busy Milan to explore beautiful Lake Como and the medieval Monastery of Pavia. On route to Bologna, stop at noble Parma filled with masterpieces by Renaissance painter, Correggio and Romanesque monuments.

The second part of our program will be based in Bologna (known as “Bologna the fat”), one of Italy’s most engaging cities. The allure of aged red brick, great churches and memorial sculpture, magnificent palaces and civic buildings, first-rate galleries and frescoed halls and miles of arcaded streets are irresistible. As home to Europe’s oldest university, a beacon of good civic governance and with a worldwide reputation for gastronomic excellence, one would think that a visit would be practically mandatory. But still the tourists stay away while we enjoy!

Join Elaine Ruffolo, Linda McWhorter, and world-renowned author Ross King for a spectacular program exploring the splendors of Northern Italy! For details or to reserve a spot, call Linda at 912.236.2840 or email l.mcwhorter@comcast.net.

View the full itinerary and pricing here.

Museum Travel Alliance

Telfair Museums is a member of the Museum Travel Alliance. This partnership brings members of the Telfair exciting travel opportunities in the U.S. and around the world. Find out more travel opportunities with the Museum Travel Alliance below.

What is the Museum Travel Alliance?
The Museum Travel Alliance is a consortium of cultural institutions offering curated, luxury travel experiences led by renowned scholars and curators.

What trips are available?
A variety of international trips and several U.S. trips are presented annually. Explore another city’s or another culture’s history, architecture and art. For a full list of travel programs click here.

Who is eligible to participate?
The only requirement to attend one of these tours is that you have a current membership with Telfair Museums, or another institution participating in the Museum Travel Alliance.

For more information about the trips, click here to take a look at the MTA’s frequently asked questions page.

You can also contact our Membership Program Manager Calli Laundre at 912.790-8807 or, laundrec@telfair.org, if you have further questions.

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