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What a person wears tells a story. From the choice of specific attire, colors, accessories, and fabrics to the way in which someone inhabits their clothes (comfortably, stiffly, self-consciously …), we find clues that chronicle the nature of the person in front of us, both on the superficial societal level and on the deeper psychological level. In this workshop, we’ll be working on one long pose with an elegantly dressed model (with a twist!) to find/create their story.

We’ll begin the workshop with some thumbnail sketches of our model, using a viewfinder to help find the perfect composition for our paintings. Once your individual composition is decided, you’ll begin a monotone block-in. At this stage there will be an emphasis on the use of value shapes and relationships to find accurate proportions as well as to give life to the overall form of our model. You’ll continue our work with a full-color palette for the rest of the workshop; exploring how to describe the luminosity of living flesh and the sumptuousness of the fabrics our model is wearing by using warm-cool color relationships and a combination of opaque and transparent passages. Instruction will include class demonstrations and individual hands-on guidance.

Although this workshop is designed for those with some painting experience who are looking to augment their existing skills, all levels are welcome.


Artist Bio

Melinda Borysevicz is an internationally recognized Italian-American figurative artist currently living and working in rural southern Italy. She graduated cum laude in Painting from Savannah College of Art and Design, and in 2012 she founded the Studio School in Savannah, a small art school dedicated to classical painting. She continues to teach painting workshops in the United States and abroad. She received a Certificate of Excellence in the Portrait Society of America’s International Competition 2013, has received awards in the Portrait Society of America’s Members Competition, and has been a finalist in ARC Salon. Borysevicz’s works have been exhibited at the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, RJD Gallery in New York, Abend Gallery in Colorado, and numerous locations in the United States and Europe. Website:


10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm each day
Members $360 | Non-members $385

This class is currently sold out. To join the waitlist, please contact Kip Bradley at 912.790.8823.

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