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Every time we paint a person, we tend also to paint a story. Often, something in the expression or in the person’s gesture elicits a feeling in us that we can’t help but try to capture and represent: maybe there’s a certain wisdom on their face or joyfulness, or perhaps we see their strength and dignity.  While these things tend to appear in our work regardless of intention, we can also address them deliberately. We can create an image that fleshes out a narrative around the person we’re painting or some aspect of the human experience in general.

While one main objective of the course is to further our skills, we’ll also look to deepen our experience by consciously connecting with the narrative quality of painting the clothed figure. We’ll work on how to bring out the story we’d like to tell and how to thoughtfully “set the stage.”

After setting the stage with our live clothed model, we’ll make a few thumbnail sketches to find our perfect composition. Then, we’ll start the painting with a monotone block-in, focusing on how to use value and proportion to give life to the overall form of our model. In the final stage, we’ll use a full-color palette, exploring how to describe the luminosity of living flesh and the sumptuousness of the fabrics our model is wearing by using warm-cool color relationships and a combination of active and passive passages. Instruction will include class demonstrations and plenty of individual hands-on guidance.

Although this workshop is designed for those with some painting experience looking to augment their existing skills, all levels are welcome.

All levels are welcome. Bring your own materials; a list will be provided.

Members $460 | Non-members $480

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Melinda Borysevicz is an Italian-American figurative artist living and working in rural southern Italy.  Her narrative portrait, figure, and landscape paintings spring directly from her experience of re-discovering her ancestral home and often reflect a more universal sense of longing and searching. The characters in her work are often either in motion or caught in an implied desire to move/escape, no longer completely satisfied to oblige the invention of boundaries or borders, be they physical, emotional or spiritual.

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