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Darcy Melton: Seeing Value, Defining Contrast, and Understanding Varied Line Weight

10am–3pm with a lunch break, Saturday and Sunday, January 27–28
Members $175 | Non-members $195

How do you paint a composition made up of objects that are seemingly the same color as the background? By focusing on relative color and form, which give you the information you need to differentiate between each object. As painters, we have the opportunity to convey to viewers more than they can see. We can push and pull, define and blur to move their eyes and change their focus. In this two-day workshop, Darcy Melton will guide you through seeing value, defining contrast, and understanding varied line weight to create a refined and impactful duo-chromatic still life. We will begin each day by setting up our palettes, followed by a brief demo by Darcy before beginning your own paintings. Hands-on, individual attention and group instruction will be given throughout, and with each step we will pause for an explanation and additional demonstration.

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Darcy Marie Melton is an American oil painter who splits her time between Savannah and Padula, Italy. She is the Co-Founder and Art Editor of Pigeon Review and serves as the Artist-in-Residence Program Assistant Director for Art Center Padula. The 2021 recipient of Bonfire’s Best Design Empowering Women Award, her work has been shown in galleries such as the Jepson Center, Las Laguna Art Gallery, Milostka Center for Exhibitions, and Savannah Gallery of Art, as well as featured in publications including Masks Literary Magazine and Dishsoap Quarterly.

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