A Sense of Home: Call for Photos

We are pleased to announce that Ron Longsdorf has been selected to create a site-specific installation in the Jepson Center’s Barnard Street windows for the 2018 iteration of Boxed In/Break Out! His project, titled A sense of home, will reference the literal construction and metaphorical associations of the word “home.”

Emily Stamey, Curator of Exhibitions at the Weatherspoon Art Museum and guest judge, wrote of Longsdorf’s proposal that it “hit the mark on so many different levels: a striking visual image, an inventive use of materials, an engaging theme, and a thoughtful consideration of community involvement.”

As part of his installation, Ron is asking local residents in the Savannah/Chatham County area to submit a photo interpreting the idea of “a sense of home.” If your photo is chosen, it will be displayed in the Jepson Center windows for the duration of the exhibition.

Please email high quality, high resolution images to Ron at by Monday, March 19 to have your photos considered!