Building and Rebuilding Techno Teen Summer Camps

DSC_0024This week in the studios at Telfair Museums we offered two summer camps: “Geek Bling” and “Video Game Development.”   While it was not planned this way it was clearly girls vs. boys. In one studio the Geek Bling camp (comprised entirely of girls) made fashion accessories by destroying and repurposing old technology. On the other side the boys in Video Game Development created video games using a variety of programs featuring an awesome game creation engine called GameMaker.

The girls noisily hammered, cut, and drilled PCB boards, flash drives, and old floppy disks-the boys quietly and intently clicked, clacked, and beeped along, creating characters while planning, strategizing, and playing games.

DSC_0034 I am continually surprised by the focus represented in the young teens in their interest and desire to learn and create. An Artist’s end goal is in creating a product, but the exciting part is finding the new unknown ways to make those things. The students in these two camps exemplified a desire and intent to create and make something new and totally individual. Each new lesson opened a well spring of ideas and potential.

As the students have been creating their games and fashion accessories I have begun thinking of the resulting exhibit. I am genuinely excited to have both games created by the students that museum guests can play juxtaposed with the recycled technological jewelry and fashion accessories. The Jepson Center Community Gallery will present an interesting and unique look at technology that also showcases the innate creativity of the teens in these Museum education programs.

You  can  come by and play the kids video games and see this unique use of old  technology  July 13-18 at the Jepson Center Lane Morrison Community Gallery.