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Max Bill
the hard side of a sphere
fused silica
13 × 17 3/4 inches (33 × 45.1 cm)
Credit Line
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Landback, Jr.
Accession Number
Swiss painter, sculptor, and architect Max Bill was one of the founders of the Concrete Art movement, which refers to abstract art that is based on geometry rather than nature, and it focuses strictly upon the formal qualities of art, such as color, volume, and contour. He received his formal training at the Bauhaus in Germany, and studied under the eminent Swiss artist Josef Albers.

the hard side of a sphere was commissioned by the Carborundum Corporation to honor inventors who revolutionized the materials industries. An exemplary product of art, technology, and industry, the sculpture was fabricated with fused silica, the product for which Carborundum Corporation is known, in an edition of eleven. The sculpture embodies Bill’s conviction that the human spirit is touched by both art and science: both are governed by laws of measure and harmony; both are rational and intuitive; and both are endeavors that contribute to human progress and well-being.