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Veterans Guided Open Studio Program

Every Saturday, 1-4pm

The program provides a calm, open studio approach with guidance in drawing and painting by an experienced instructor and is open to all veterans. No prior experience making art is needed. At the museum, veterans also participate in occasional tours of major exhibitions. Set aside a regular time to meet, and ensure time is taken each week to create in a safe and social atmosphere. This studio program will provide studio space for artists to work independently but with a teacher on hand to provide guidance when requested.

For more information, please contact Kip Bradley at 912-790-8823.

Free Veterans Intro to Oil Painting Class

A fun program specific to veterans who don’t believe they have an artistic bone in their body or who are painting curious and want to learn something new. Join one of our free, two-hour workshop introductions to oil painting. Then come to the veterans guided open studio on Saturday for further time to mess about. Learn special skills according to your interest, or just have a new experience under the guidance of a helpful teacher. Intended for the absolute beginner, or intermediate artists looking for new skills.

*Coming Soon

The Costumed Figure in Oil with with Melinda Borysevicz

February 3, 2023February 5, 2023 Jepson Center
What a person wears tells a story. From the choice of specific attire, colors, accessories, and fabrics to the way in which someone inhabits their clothes (comfortably, stiffly, self-consciously …), we find clues that chronicle the nature of the person in front of us, both on the superficial societal level and on the deeper psychological level. In this workshop, we’ll be working on one long pose with an elegantly dressed model (with a twist!) to find/create their story.