2009 Art Fair Winners

The Telfair is pleased to announce the winners of the Fifteenth Annual Telfair Art Fair, selected by 2009 Art Fair judge Susan Krane of the San Jose Museum of Art.

The Best of Show award was presented to Chris Coffey of Akron, OH, who entered the Art Fair in the Photography category. Judge Susan Krane described his work as “exquisite black-and-white photography that falls fully within the traditions of American landscape photography but with a fresh eye and a skillful ability to dodge nostalgia yet evoke the true physical and emotional sense of nature in many moods.”

Second Prize went to Jean Yao of Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Textiles/Fibers). Krane referred to her work as “masterful basketry with impressive scale and a wide range of formal references-and delicate touch with the natural materials of the South.”

Third Prize was awarded to Meredith Sutton of Savannah, GA (Jewelry). Sutton creates “ jewelry with elegance and an unexpected ability to move between the decorative and minimal, [reflecting] admirable and bold experimentation with materials,” stated Krane.

Honorable Mention winners were Maggie Evans of Savannah, GA ( Drawing/Pastel), Meryl Truett of Savannah, GA (Photography), and Tamara Garvey of Savannah, GA (Drawing/Pastel).

According to Krane, Evans creates “poignant work in pastels with an existential twist,” while Truett “takes the Southern tradition of color photography to a new scale-eloquent documents of the back roads and lost times.” Krane stated that Tamara Garvey demonstrates the “ability to push a delightful lyrical style and play with a figurative approach that evokes the fantasy and hybrid realities of animation,” adding that Garvey gets the “best business card award, as well.”

In the Open Art category, Torrey Stifel was awarded Best of Show. Krane noted her “delicate use of materials, combination of painterliness, and whimsical imagery.”