“From student to photographer”

I just received an email from Vaughnette Goode Walker, Director of Culture and Diversity, informing me that Camila Donoso, who was last year Tenenbaum intern in Telfair’s Education Department is going to be this year’s Teen Council Chairperson. I was just as excited to receive her registration in our 5 week teen and adult Photography workshop, Playing with Pixels, which will be starting this week, Thursday September 22nd at 4pm.

Camilla has been a wonderful resource to the education department. When I started a few months ago she was important in my settling into the new job at the museum and she was as “at home” in the Education offices as any of us full time museum staffers. In fact she always seemed to know where to find that whatever it was that I couldn’t find. One of the first classes scheduled at the museum was a digital nature photography class. Camila not only signed up but brought along 3 friends. She also produced some of the most impressive photographs out of the entire class. Camila also turned out to be quite the teacher’s aid.

So I was pleased to find out that Camila has also worked with Bunny Ware, who writes a column that appears on the Savannah Morning News about the people she meets and photographs at events around the city. Camila is assistant photographer at events, weddings, or any other types of shoots. She’s done about two dozen weddings with her in the past year, among other events, so I was blown away to find out that she is also signing up for our photography workshop.
Camila is a great example of the kind of energized learning we all should strive to continue into adult hood. Their still is time to sign up for the Photography class and breathe some of the energy and focus Camila will bring with her.
Camila Donoso