Rent Policies

Telfair Museums reserves the right to decline involvement in any project and to approve any scene in which any of the museums interior or exterior is included. Any project not submitted in writing will not be considered.

Letter of Intent
A Letter of Intent for all filming and photography requests must be submitted in writing at least 2 weeks prior to desired date of filming. Please submit to and include Letter of Intent and the date(s) of the shoot in the subject line. Example: Letter of Intent – June

The Letter of Intent must include:

  • A complete breakdown of all shoot specifics, including number of crew members, exact/proposed schedules, all requested locations, and equipment to be used.
  • For commercial photography, information on the product, client, and storyboard of shoot is required.
  • For film and television shoots where the buildings are featured as themselves, Telfair Museums requires a copy of script pages or storyboard of the scenes to be shot.
  • Any other requests (additional space locations for crew) must be listed in the Letter of Intent.
  • A diagram/map documenting the details of the shoot must be included.


Telfair Museums allows filming to occur only during its closed hours on SUNDAYS & MONDAYS only. Shoots are permitted within the following specifications, based on availability and Telfair staff discretion:

Jepson Center: Shoots must be completed and removed before 12 pm.
Telfair Academy: Sunday shoots must be completed and sets removed before 1 pm; Mondays must be completed and removed before 12 pm.
Owens-Thomas House: Sunday shoots must be completed and sets removed before noon; Mondays must be completed and removed before 11am.

Any variations on permissible hours will incur additional fees.


Any filming requires a fee which includes security, certificate of insurance and the space determined. Fees will vary depending on the length, size, and scope of your shoot. A deposit will be required to hold the space. This deposit will be applied to your total fee as determined by Telfair Museums’ facility rentals.


  • All of the artwork in the museums and house museums are either part of the permanent collection or on loan to the museum under contract. There is to be no shooting, photographing, or capturing the likeness of any of the pieces other than in the background or as part of a scene.
  • No equipment, crew, actors, or other materials or damaging elements will be placed or used upon any of the buildings in any way.
  • No location shoot can endanger the building(s) or interfere with public service. Shoots taking place in a public area of the museums must take place when the venue is closed to the public.
  • All facilities guidelines must be read, signed, and followed.
  • Any filming on the front steps of any of the buildings, including front steps, front windows or the garden, courtyard or carriage house of the Owens Thomas House must be approved by Telfair Museums.

For more information on filming or photographing inside Telfair Museums, please call 912.790.8869 or email

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