PULSE 2011

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January 20- 29, 2011
Telfair Museums

This annual nine-day festival promotes an edgier and more creative interpretation of art and technology and offers a diverse array of mind-expanding programs. All programs are free and open to the public and are geared towards students, artists, electricians, musicians, engineers, techies and families.

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* All exhibitions will be on view at the Jepson Center unless otherwise noted.

Making the Invisible Visible: Selected Projects by Zachary Lieberman
January 20-February 6

An exhibition of interactive installations and a documentation of projects by acclaimed new media artist Zachary Lieberman. Lieberman, who was recognized by Fast Company as one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business”,uses technology in a playful way to break down the fragile boundary between the visible and the invisible. In this exhibition, Lieberman will create two interactive installations- Manual Input Sessions, a collaborative project with artist Golan Levin, will allow visitors to create shapes and sounds with their hands; and a new work, Janus Machine, that uses a 3d scanner to process portraits of visitors in the gallery. The installation also includes videos documenting Lieberman’s other key projects including the award-winning Eye Writer, a low-cost, eye-tracking device that allows individuals to draw using their eye movements. Lieberman will present a live demonstration of EyeWriter during the PULSE festival.

Andrew F. Scott, Digital Explorations in Sculpture
January 20-February 7

Andrew Scott
Savannah-based sculptor Andrew F. Scott employs a variety of digital and traditional fabrication methods to produce a body of work where art serves as a bridge for collective cultural ideals. The artist states “I view traditional African and African-American art in the spirit of Sankofa. That is, I view them as a means of retrieving my past so that I am better prepared to step into the future.” Scott reinterprets traditional forms and ideas, bringing them into a modern context in works ranging from digitally-printed and laser-cut sculpture, to wall reliefs and prints.

Selected Works by Björn Schülke, 2003-2010
January 20-February 21

Schulke Luftgitarre detail
Schülke’s objects experiment with a variety of technologies including solar panels, infrared surveillance, propelled wind power, robotics, interactive video and sound. The slow deliberate movements in his sculptures are an intentional and intellectual response to the viewer’s mass, weight and form. The active sculptures cause the audience to question our interaction with modern technology. By entering the installation site, the audience becomes part of the ‘system’ as the works -some free standing, others suspended – monitor or react to the human element.”

The Decisive Pixel, Digital Paintings by David Kaminsky
January 19-February 2
Kaminsky self portrait small
*Chroma Gallery
In this series, veteran photographer David Kaminsky takes the smallest element of a digital photograph, the pixel, and makes it the subject of large-scale compositions derived from traditional subjects from portrait to landscape. According to Kaminsky, “these prints expand one carefully chosen pixel along one axis of a high resolution image to express its visual essence in an immediately recognizable form.”



On view through February 21
*All projects will be on view at the Jepson Center TAG Gallery and Morrison Gallery.

Flying Machine, Andrew Hieronymi
Andrew Hieronymi Flying Machine
Andrew Hieronymi and collaborators will present a new interactive three-player game installation, transforming the Morrison Gallery into a place of social interaction and shared play. Utilizing three physical machines, the project’s users can manipulate and control a projected “flying machine.”

Structures of Chaos, Timothy Jackson
Tim Jackson Structures - Detail
Timothy Jackson’s Structures of Chaos drawings series offer the possibility for the reflection upon the nature of chaos and how its structure may be perceived. These drawings are generated by art machines, designed by the artist, which leave traces of these chaotic structures.
A concurrent exhibition of these works will be on view at the City of Savannah’s Gallery S.P.A.C.E, January 7- 28.

ZooBurst, Craig Kapp
The ZooBurst exhibit features an interactive book that can be experienced in two ways. A book seen on screen allows users to swipe their hands to turn the pages. In addition, the artist will display a physical book that contains a special ZooBurst augmented reality marker. Visitors will be able to pick the book up and hold to the camera in order to see images in palm of their hand.

Water Nymphs’ Circus, Kelley McClung
McCLung Water Nymph22
In this work, micro projections collaged from found footage of post-World War II Florida mermaid shows are strategically placed in vintage apothecary bottles. In this miniature circus, McClung references voyeuristic spectacles from Victorian freak shows and medical curiosities to the current recursive culture in which the internet, social media, and television allows us to become virtual voyeurs.

Estrella Intersects the Plane, Matthew Richard
Estrella Intersects the Plane is an algoritmic kinetic light painting. A custom analysis runs on a small computer that controls LEDs and motors. As the motors move, the position of the LEDs and the angle at which they strike the surface is altered, resulting in a hypnotic, meditative, calming image that draws viewers in.

Digital Flux, Whitney Taylor



*All programs take place at the Jepson Center unless otherwise noted.

Lecture for High School/College Students by Zachary Lieberman, Matthew Richard, Andrew Hieronymi
Thursday, January 20, 11am
Students will get the chance to hear a short presentation from three of the guest artists. Exhibitions and artist projects will be open to the public.

Lecture by Zachary Lieberman and demonstration of EyeWriter
Thursday, January 20, 6pm
Acclaimed new media artist Zachary Lieberman, who was recently named one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company, presents his innovative EyeWriter. The EyeWriter project has won the Design of the Year (interactive) from London Design Museum and the Golden Nica in Interactive Art at the Ars Electronica Festival. The EyeWriter was also listed by Time magazine as one the 50 best inventions in 2010.

“Robo Sapiens – The Next Frontier: Musicianship and Creativity”
Lecture by Gil Weinberg and Performance with robotic musician Shimon

Friday, January 21, 6 pm
The founder and director of Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology, Gil Weinberg, Ph.D, conceived the concept of robotic musicianship in 2006 with the development of Haile-the world’s first robotic musician capable of improvisation with human musicians. Other platforms that Weinberg has utilized for his musical innovations include cell phones, toys, and aquariums. His research focuses on expanding musical expression, creativity and learning through innovative new technology. He is currently working on new compositions for Shimon.

FREE WEEK at the Jepson Center
January 23-29

“The Pulse of the Enlightenment in New Media Art”
Lecture by Timothy Jackson
Monday, January 24, 2pm
Artist and theorist Timothy Jackson will present several examples of new media art that integrate the human heartbeat as a real-time component of the artwork. He will offer his thoughts on how these works support the ideals of the enlightenment (such as agency, autonomy, criticality and universality) and stand in contrast to dehumanizing technological practices within contemporary culture. He suggests that such works signal a shift in art praxis from representation to the manifestation of meaning in art by immersing viewers in the experience of the work of art.

“Digital Explorations in Sculpture”
Lecture by Andrew F. Scott
Monday, January 24, 5pm
Join artist Andrew F. Scott for a discussion of his imagery sources and digital fabrication techniques. Scott reinterprets traditional forms and ideas, bringing them into a modern ranging from digitally printed and laser-cut sculpture, to wall reliefs and prints.

Strandbeesten by Alexander Schlichter
Monday, January 24, 6pm
A premiere screening of the new documentary on the work of visionary Dutch sculptor Theo Jansen. Jansen has been working for over 16 years to create sculptures that move on their own in eerily lifelike ways. Each generation of his Strandbeesten is subject to the forces of evolution, with successful forms moving forward into new designs. Jansen’s vision and long-term commitment to his wooden menagerie is as fascinating to observe as the beasts themselves (45 minutes).

Lecture for high school/college students by: Björn Schülke, Craig Kapp, Kelley McClung
Wednesday, January 26, 11am
Students and the general public are invited to three short presentations by featured Pulse artists.

Lecture by featured artist Björn Schülke
Thursday, January 27, 6pm
Cologne, Germany-based sculptor Björn Schülke will discuss his work which seamlessly blends science fiction, scientific and surveillance instruments and modernist design with interactivity. Also influenced by the Dadaist tradition and Jean Tinguely, the theme of the absurd machine is key in Schülke’s work. Schülke has shown in galleries and festivals internationally and recently completed a major commission in the US, the large scale work Space Observer, for the San Jose International Airport.

Technology Expo/Family Day
Saturday, January 29, 2-5 pm
Bring the kids to make magnetic LEDs and see demonstrations by PULSE artists: Adam Matta with his audio bicycle wheel, Ranjit Bhatnagar’s amazing instruments and Tim Jackson’s “Scribble Scrabble Sketchbots”. Local school robotics teams will demonstrate their creations under the coordination of Georgia-Tech Savannah.



*All workshops take place at the Jepson Center unless otherwise noted.
Advance registration required; call 912.790.8821

PULSE Video Class for High School Students with instructor Jody Schiesser
January 18-29
High school students will document this year’s PULSE festival, interviewing guest artists and covering events to produce a short documentary video.

Introduction to openFrameworks by Zachary Lieberman
Friday, January 21, 10 am – 12 pm
*Georgia Tech Savannah Campus
Must be 16 year old or older. Previous coding experience helpful.
Zachary Lieberman will provide a short introduction to openFrameworks a c++ library designed to assist the creative process by providing a simple and intuitive framework for experimentation. Lieberman is co-founder with Theo Watson of openFrameworks.

Youth Workshop: Introduction to Scratch
Saturday, January 22, 10am-12pm
* Georgia Tech Savannah Campus
Ages 9 – 18

Developed at the MIT Media Lab, Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create individual interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art and share creations on the web. As young people create and share Scratch projects, they learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.

Arduino/Game Design workshop with Andrew Hieronymi
Saturday, January 22, 10am- 5pm & Sunday, January 23, 12-5pm
Ages 16-adult
Hieronymi, professor of Interaction and Game Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, will lead a weekend long workshop introducing participants to physical game design incorporating the Arduino microcontroller.

Educators’ Workshop: Augmented Reality in the Classroom, by Craig Kapp
Tuesday, January 25, 5pm

*Armstrong Atlantic State University Department of Art, Music & Theatre
Imagine being able to rotate around the solar system, navigate through data in 3D, and interact with a simulated ecosystem – all from the palm of your hand. With Augmented Reality, it’s possible! Augmented Reality (AR) is a technique through which 3D virtual objects can be overlaid onto the “real world” in real-time, using nothing more than a home computer, a webcam and a printed symbol. Explore various educational uses of AR including digital storytelling and data visualization. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with a number of augmented reality environments and learn how to construct their own AR worlds using tools such as the Zooburst 3D authoring environment.

Junk Electric Guitar Workshop with Ranjit Bhatnagar
Friday, January 28, 4pm
Ages 13 and up
Sound artist Ranjit Bhatnagar has been featured on NPR’s Science Friday for his workshops in which participants make working electric guitars from ordinary objects from sticks and sewing machine bobbins. Attendees will make their own and rock out!

Fun with Audio Coils Workshop with Ranjit Bhatnagar
Saturday, January 29, 11am
Ages 16 – adult
In his second workshop, Ranjit Bhatnagar will instruct participants in the making of electrified audio devices and instruments from found objects.



*All performance take place at the Jepson Center unless otherwise noted.
Social iLLumination
Projections by Matt Hebermehl, Dr. Z, Theotherfabio

Hebermehl Pulse_2
Friday, January 21; Monday, January 24; Thursday, January 27;   & Friday, January 28, 6-8 pm
Three Savannah-based artists launch this combination of social media, technology, sound, and animation into an interactive work that visitors may tweet into. Viewers can tweet their thoughts (via mobile device, computer, etc.) with a predetermined hashtag assigned to this piece directly affecting the art being created.

Performance by Bora Yoon and Luke DuBois

Saturday, January 22, 6pm
* Telfair Academy
New York-based composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Bora Yoon will present ( (( PHONATION )) ), an interdisciplinary song cycle of ambient electro-acoustic soundscapes, using voice, turntable, piano, Tibetan singing bowls, radios, water, metronomes, music boxes, homemade instruments, and electronics. Yoon will be joined by visual artist R. Luke DuBois who will manipulate live visual projections, in real time, creating an immersive audiovisual experience. Yoon has performed in venues from Lincoln Center and the Brooklyn Academy of Music to the Nam Jun Paik Museum in Seoul and worked with musical collaborators including DJ. Spooky and Kaki King. Yoon’s haunting vocals and improvised sounds, and DuBois’ mesmerizing visuals will both transform and complement the aesthetic of the Telfair Academy Rotunda.

Performance by the Medeology Collective
Medeology Collective
Friday, January 28, 6-8pm
Savannah/Atlanta artists the Medeology Collective (Alessandro Imperato, James Gladman, Kelley McClung) return to the Jepson Center for a site-specific video event. Called Exquisite Corpse after the Surrealist parlor game of the same name, the installation will mix images of the heads, torsos and legs of different visitors to create large scale projected figures in the museum’s atrium.

Beatboxing with Technology: Performance by Adam Matta
Adam Matta
Friday, January 28, 7pm
Adam Matta is a human beatboxer and vocal performance artist from New York City. His style fuses elements of hip-hop, rock electronic, jazz, contemporary, and Middle Eastern music. Matta will perform with his bicycle wheel, a Marcel Duchamp-inspired sculpture, outfitted with magnetic tape which allows Matta to scratch the wheel like a turntable. Matta has had solo shows at the New Museum for Contemporary Art, Galapagos, PS 122, La Mama, and Here Arts Center. He has performed at Carnegie Hall with Bobby McFerrin and appeared at venues such as Madison Square Garden, Apollo Theater and Jazz at Lincoln Center. His music has appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, and All Things Considered, in the documentary Planet B-Boy, and in The L Word. He has appeared on WNYE’s Afterschool and PBS’s The Electric Company.

Performance by the Wiitles
Saturday, January 29, 3pm
2010 PULSE favorites The Wiitles return to the Jepson Center with a new and expanded lineup for a concert incorporating Wiimotes, iPhones and violin (yes, violin).

PULSE: Art and Technology Festival programs are presented free of charge, thanks to the project funding provided by the City of Savannah.

Major funding provided by: City of Savannah
Additional support provided by: Armstrong Atlantic State University Department of Art, Music & Theatre; Chroma Gallery; Creative Coast; Georgia Council for the Arts; Georgia Tech Savannah; National Endowment for the Arts and Springhill Suites by Marriott.
Media sponsor: Connect Savannah