Pulse 2010

PULSE 2010

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The Telfair’s 2010 Pulse: Art and Technology Festival is a FREE,  all-ages event exploring the intersection of art and technology.  The 11-day festival features a mind-expanding array of programs  including interactive art installations, musical robots, wearable art,  game design, VJs, and more!



Counterillumination (C-2010), Shih Chieh Huang Counterillumination (C-2010), Shih Chieh Huang
In this installation of interactive sculpture, New York-based artist Shih Chieh Huang  transforms everyday items and common, household electronic devices into dynamic,  lifelike entities which inhabit an artificial organic environment of his creation.
Body Beats lg Body Beats, Thomas Chan and Si Cho
Body Beats is a musical wall sequencer that uses facial recognition software to allow  participants to create a melody using their bodies.
Hieronymi Game Design workshop Virtual Ground, Andrew Hieronymi
This multi-player physical game installation utilizes computer vision and full-body  interaction. Players connected by projected lines attempt to control a rebounding  particle in order to light up a grid in this large floor projection.
Illumination Station, Timothy Jackson
Illumination Station is an interactive installation work meant to engage the imagination via  a luminous painting and an interactive, illuminated drawing table.
Organic Constructions, Kenneth A. Huff
Huff’s long-term series of print works is inspired by the intricate patterns and forms of  nature and implemented using the digital tools of motion picture visual effects.
The Legislation Visualizer, Chito Lapena
This new work allows participants to visualize the transition of bills through their various  states, from drafting to signing into legislation in the U.S. Congress.